How to save money by shipping from our factory to warehouse or your door?

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1. Shine hats Gabi:


What's the best way to ship a hat? Here at Shinehats, we enjoy doing all the shipping while you do all the shopping, but there might be a time when you find yourself wanting to send a hat of your own to someone. Or maybe you discover a great hat while on vacation and prefer to ship it home instead of packing it or taking it on the plane.


To help you find the easiest and most efficient way to ship a hat, we're taking you through the steps so that both sender and recipient are happy. Read on as we reveal the answers to a few important questions on how to ship a hat including which type of hat you're sending, how to properly package the hat, how much you're willing to spend, and how quickly you need the hat to arrive.


2. Shine hats Molly - US SAlLES MANGER :

The choice of logistics and transportation methods for hats: taking the United States as an example


1. Sea Shipping (DDP) - is the first choice for all shipping methods.


- The price is cheap, about USD 5/KG. The best price is when you buy 10-20 hats.

- The shipping time is reasonable, within about 15-30 days, you can receive your hat.

- No need for you to deal with customs, and you do not need to pay customs duties.


*SUGGESTION: need to start planning orders 1-2 months in advance to prevent delays


2. Air Freight (DDP) - Choose when you are in a hurry for the goods.


- Fast timeliness, about 8-15 working days to reach your hands.

- No need for you to deal with customs, and you do not need to pay customs duties.

- A safer way of transportation.


*SUGGESTION: The price fluctuates greatly, USD 10-20 /KG. Can be combined with shipping.


3. Express - the first choice for small shipments.


- The fastest time, about 7-9 working days can be delivered to your hands.

- For the shipping of 1-5 hats, the price is more cost-effective.


*SUGGESTION: The price is the most expensive, you can use this shipping method when purchasing samples.

Aaron -  Shinehats Sales Manger 

Packing Methods For Hats

Shine Hats is committed to making the best hats. While ensuring the quality of the hats, it is also our responsibility to ensure that the hats reach the customers in good condition.

Usually, we use hard cardboard boxes to prevent the hats from getting sqed during transit, and we pack them differently for different materials: for handmade Riffia, we add extra cardboard to the boxes to keep them from falling apart. For wheat Straw, which is hard and easily broken, we use plastic abrasives to hold the hats in place. For wool felt hats, we use plastic bags, it keeps the hats from rubbing against each other and adds a touch of refinement.

It is worth mentioning that our packaging is also full of flexibility: we can customize the carton according to different hat features, for the hat with decorative bands, we can also be flexible use of space, to ensure that decorative bands do not distort and save shipping costs.

Details determine success or failure, our efforts in the packaging, is the embodiment of our pit of excellence.

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