How to custom your own brand straw hat and felt fedora hat with shinehats?

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Custom Your Own Hats

Personalized hats are a great way to promote your business in an affordable and impactful way. The beauty of every hat style is that they’re versatile and easily wearable in all seasons. You could tailor your marketing effects with different types depending on when you want to promote your


business. For example, custom straw hats sales well in summer, wool hats are perfect for winter promotions, and trucker hats are ideal for football season.


Our popular styles include custom luxury straw hats, wool fedora felt hats, colorful berets and various sports caps&trucker hats.


Unlike other custom hat companies in the market who only use your company logo on an existing blank piece, we build a fully tailored hat collection that authentically speaks to your brand from the first to the last stitch, and you may also fully customize the size and mold you want.


2. How to customize your exclusive mold?


The mold is made of aluminum metal, which can be recycled and used exclusively for you.


1. Hat design provided by you:

-By sending hat samples, we will make molds according to the samples

-Provide detailed design of hat, including style, size, etc


2. On the basis of our style, make molds with larger or smaller head circumference.The head circumference of the hat mold can be customed from 52-65 CM.


3. Feedback from our 10+ years hat engineer.


4. The hat mold can be made within 7-14 days, the price is $200 each(when your batch order exceeds 500 pieces, the factory is willing to bear half of the mold fee for you).


5. Place a sample order-$35(Can be returned in batch orders.).


6.The customer confirms the sample hat and your custom strapping, main label, tag, sweatband, lining.


7.Bulk order can be send within 30 days.


8.Shipment by sea express to your door without custom fee or complicated custom clearance procedure. ( usually 400 pcs hats cost 500 usd or less by sea express)


3. How to custom your own logo on the straw hat and feodra hat?

Many customers would like to be able to add their own beautiful logo on the hat to improve the recognition of their products, but the specific details of logo customization is often vague, Shinehats can give a clear introduction and guidance in this regard.


One of the most common, the main label and the tag, is also the most customers will choose the basic custom way. We use the logo provided by the customer, adjust the size, and after checking with the customer, print it into a label and sew it into the inside of the hat; for the tag, we also print the logo and attach it to the hat through plastic or wiring.


Another is to add an embroidered pattern to the inner lining of the hat, which is usually made in a soft, high-quality fabric, or in a color of your choice.


For custom made Straw hats, some customers will try to embroider their logo or text on the edges of the hat, which makes the appearance of the hat look more personal and attractive. In addition to the above, but also through the external accessories of the hat embellishment to highlight the personality. For example, lettering and embroidery on ribbons around hats, or creating logo abrasives on leather belts……


There are different ways of customizing, and Shinehats is always willing to try new methods of customizing the logo, and we keep changing!



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