During COVID-19 Period - We Will Support Your Hat Business as usual.

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COVID-19 has caused a lot of shortage of raw materials, delays in global transportation, lack of labor, increasing cost of raw materials, and constantly rising prices. If the factory wants to clear the backlog and ensure the production of all customers’ orders, we must increase our production capacity. However, the situation of manufacturers is not optimistic. Even if the suppliers update their equipment and capacity, other constraints may still be encountered.


The supply chain nowadays is too long and complex. Under this epidemic situation, the uncertainty of the supply chain has increased sharply because of energy conservation, emission reduction and other factors.


In order to better manage the supply chain and provide best service to our customers, We Shinehats attempts to master accurate real-time, or at least close to real-time inventory information, including how many and where the hats are, when they can reach the port and other important information.

Under the influence of the epidemic, we found that traffic and inquiries did not decrease significantly.


It can be seen that foreign buyers have always been in demand for Chinese products. After all, it is difficult to replace Chinese products in a short period of time.


The epidemic affects all industries across the country. For foreign trade people, personnel isolation, logistics delays, and delays in resumption of work will have many impacts. What is the current situation of foreign trade under the epidemic, and how should we respond?


1. The factory has a large amount of stock and raw materials to meet the customer's order demand in this special period. Do a good job in order management. Sort out the orders to be produced and to be shipped and the customers, confirm the delivery date with the production department, determine the shipping arrangement with the logistics forwarder, and give priority to negotiate with the customer to solve the problem.


2. Do a good job in supply chain management and strengthen contact with suppliers. At the same time, as Plan B, we are also prepared to find new suppliers and get in touch.


In conclusion, the epidemic is unpredictable now. It will affect our production and logistics. In such a severe environment, on the one hand, we should have psychological preparation, on the other hand, we should learn to integrate our own resources and strive to maximize our business under the existing conditions.

As a factory with a large number of raw materials and spot products, Shinehats also have the ability to increase business, improve delivery speed, shorten delivery time and promote the stable operation of spot orders through this advantage.

In addition, for customized orders, we can also achieve stable procurement and supply of raw materials, including ribbons, pearls, chains, fabrics, etc. For light custom orders, we will synchronize the preparation of raw materials with hat production to greatly shorten the production period.

Our flexibility in logistics is also a crucial step. During this period, the epidemic in Shanghai has led to a lot of logistics stagnation. We have greatly reduced the negative impact of cargo delay by adjusting the delivery to new ports and changing new ways.

The challenges posed by the epidemic are severe, but Shinehats is confident enough to provide the best solution in uncertain situations.

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