How to store and maintain luxury 100% wool felt fedora hats?

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How to store and maintain luxury 100% wool felt fedora hats?

Proper hat storage is a big part of maintaining hats. Store it properly and it will keep its shape and look newer longer. 


When not wearing a hat, keep it in a hat box or store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Not only will this keep it as dust-free as possible, but it will keep the hat from fading.If the hat is left wet for a long time, the moisture can cause irreversible damage to the hat. Never store hats in direct sunlight or in hot, dry places, such as cars. This will also cause irreversible damage to the cap.


Store hats on hat racks or hat pins whenever possible. Note that storing hats on hooks for too long can also cause hats to lose their shape. Therefore, use pegs to store your hats for less or a short period of time, such as overnight.


As odd as it may seem, the best way to store hats is to turn them upside down so that the crown is on the bottom. Arranging hats this way keeps the brim neat. As long as the crown is placed on a clean surface and not smashed or pushed in, it should be fine. If you have more than one hat and need to save space, and they have a similar crown shape, you can nest them together.


Try to use these methods to clean and store your fedora hats.




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