Panama Vs. Fedora: What is the Difference?

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Panama Vs. Fedora: What is the Difference?


What is a Panama Hat?


On its shape. Traditional Panama is a fedora-style hat shaped with a major dent in the crown, which is pinched at the front, with a variable width brim, and made from creamy toquilla straw.  

On its history. They have been woven in Ecuador since the early 17th century when they were worn and traded locally. By the 19th century, they were exported from Ecuador for distribution in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


On its function. Panama's elt shape and lightweight, breathable qualities make it the perfect choice for hot, sunny weather. Therefore a Panama hat should be in the wardrobe of any serious sartorialist.

On its popularity. This hat became very popular in the 19th and 20th centuries.



What Are the Main Differences Between a Panama Hat and a Fedora?


The main difference between a Panama hat and vs fedora is that a Panama hat is made out of straw, and a fedora is typically made from felt. And the most significant difference is the material.


Panama hats are woven from strands from the jipijapa plant, while men's fedoras are usually made from felt, paper, wheat straw, and other natural grasses. We also sell fedoras with felt crowns and leather brims.


Color. For Panama hats, beige or white. For men's fedoras, typically brown or black. You can find bright-colored fedoras, and fedoras with red under brims are popular these days too.


Celebrity. Celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Mischa Barton, Bill Murray, Prince Charles, and Madonna wear Panama hats for Panama hats. While for fedoras, celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, and Britney Spears, among others.  


Occasion. For Panama hats, usually in sunny, tropical climates. But with global temperatures rising, Panama hats are being worn year-round these days. These hats are no longer just for vacation. You can wear them anytime, anywhere. For fedora hats, everyday items.


Design and Crafting. For Panama hats and the creation of one are considered an art form. The material is first woven using one of two main techniques, then shaped or blocked into form. Fedora, are shaped and secured using traditional hat-making methods. Straw fedoras are woven, blocked, and finished like any other straw hat.




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