How to custom your own women 100% wool felt fedora hat?

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Shinehats is delighted to offer our customers a fully bespoke design service of women fedora hats. Our Hatters will work with you to create something unique and special. Please read our guide below of the various elements and decisions involved in creating a custom design of womens fedora summer hats. Let's explore the options to create your very own custom design fedora felt hat.   





Probably the most important part of ordering any hat is to first establish your correct head size. 

There can be many possible pitfalls to avoid in this regard so please never assume that the size of a particular hat you already own will come up the same. All brands craft their hats differently and therefore sizes are not as universal as you might think. Working from a current and accurate head measurement is the best option for bespoke headwear. Head measurements of an individual can also change over time so it's always best to check your current size. Well measure every hat sample therefore to ensure that avoid mistakes with conversions.

Remember, every fedora hat we make is handcrafted bespoke wholesale fedora hats. If you have any particular preferences, any special fit requirements outside our standard ranges or have any questions at all about the process or our products, our team are here to help!  




Once we have established what size you require then we can move on to what shape you wish your hat to be. All our handcrafted hats start off with an open crown shape. 

You can wear the hat we have in stock or request it to be bashed (shaped) to a style of your choice. There are a wide selection of choices in this regard from a panama fedora hat, trilby fedora hat, pork pie fedora hats, Tres-deux fedora hats, … there are many types of each plus we also offer hybrids and new unique styles so if you have a fantasy shape in mind, Shinehats will work with you to design something amazing. 




Once you know what shape crown you would like for your hat, the next step is to pair it with a suitable brim shape. Most hats come with an even-rim where the width from the base of the crown is equal on all sides, but you could opt for a dimensional brim where the brim sides are made slightly narrower than the width at the front and back, as in our Raiders models, like flat brim fedora or short brim fedora. If you desire a wider brim perhaps more than 3 inch wide then please check with us as only certain felt stock will allow for wider brims.




Knowing which felt option is right for you will depend on many factors and will really depend on what factors you prioritise, what you want your hat to achieve and what conditions and circumstances of wear you want to put the hat through. Our luxury womens fedora are 100% wool fedora hats. We recommend that all clients but particularly those subjecting their hats to challenging conditions observe our after-care and handling guidelines to ensure the maximum longevity from their hats.




Colors and style is a very individual thing as it should be, we are very happy to work with you through your ideas or put forward suggestions for colour combinations for your hat. You may have an outfit in mind and our hatter would be happy to design something for you to coordinate perfectly, like red fedora hat, pink fedora, leather fedora, cream fedora hats, black fedora hat womens, etc.

You can choose to have the trimmings and exterior decorations on your hat to blend in or contrast with your chosen felt colour. The style of decoration can be understated or eye-catching and a fun feature.

Please tell us what ideas you have. We have a wide range of ribbons in stock and can always source elements such as feathers and embellishments from our suppliers to suit your needs.




Please consider if you wish the brim edge to remain simple and raw or if you wish to have a ribbon bound edge on your felt fedora hats. Or perhaps a pencil curl to the edge is more your style. You can choose to have an even width brim or something dimensional or even completely asymmetric. 




The vast majority of our hat styles will come with a fine leather sweatband, sweatband bow and high quality handmade branded liner inside. However, we do offer other options on some styles which may benefit from a more flexible head-fitting or omitting a liner such as a panama style. We also offer a growing range of branded liner options in addition to our classic white, we now also offer other options. Each hat style on our website will specify which liner option comes as standard with that style, however we can offer your preferred colour option to be included by request for most ladies fedora hats.  

We also have a variety of leather colours to choose from and also gold and silver foil options as well as embossing for initials for that personal touch. Custom choices of sweatband bow and stitching colour are also available.




Once all the style choices for your hat have been agreed, we will put together a quotation for the final hat cost based on all the components and work involved to create your bespoke hat design. Once your preferences and quote have all been finalised and agreed, you can place your order. 

For all enquiries, to organise a quote or to place a bespoke order with us, please contact us directly!



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