Everthing You Want To Know About Baseball Cap - Ultimate Guide

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Everything You Want To Know About Baseball Cap - Ultimate Guide

If you want to purchase more baseball caps, knowledge of baseball caps is necessary. In this article, you will know all kinds of knowledge about baseball caps.

What is a baseball cap?

a tightly fitting hat, originally worn by baseball players, with a long flat piece at the front to protect the eyes from the sun. We all know that exercise can help us speed up our metabolism and make our bodies healthier. And many people also go out to run for half an hour in the morning or at night, so I don't know if you have found such a problem, many people will definitely wear their own baseball hats when running.

The history of baseball cap

A baseball cap, as the name suggests, is a hat worn when playing baseball. Baseball caps developed with baseball. Thanks to the popularity of baseball, baseball caps came into being.

Baseball cap originated from baseball sports, which was first popular in the United States. During baseball games, players wear baseball caps to block the sun. Thus in order to support their favorite teams or stars, many fans will wear the hats of their favorite teams.

According to expert research, baseball originally originated from cricket in the United Kingdom. In 1839, an American named Doubday organized a game very similar to modern baseball in Goupas, New York. In sports, in order to prevent the strong sunlight from shining on the eyes, the players wear hats with long brim to block the sun. This is the prototype of the baseball cap.

In 1960, professional baseball players began to appear in the United States. Until 1910, then-President William Howard Taft officially approved baseball as the national game of the United States. With the gradual popularization of baseball, the status of baseball caps has become more and more prominent.

At first, athletes wore baseball caps to block the sun. Later, regardless of the weather conditions, athletes would wear baseball caps whenever they were on the field. The original baseball caps were not as elastic as today's baseball caps, but were made of wool.

Classification of baseball caps

1、Five and six panels

The top of the baseball cap is generally composed of 5 or 6 pieces, so the baseball cap is also called a 5-panel cap or 6-panel cap.

The front piece of the five-piece cap is a whole piece, which opens from the top to the 1/3 position. Therefore, it can embroidery or printed logos easier. And the quality is more assured.

The 6-panel cap is where the left front piece and the right front piece are sewn together. There is not much difference between the two.

2、Curved tongue and a flat tongue

There is a plastic PE board in the visor of the baseball cap, which is divided into two types: a curved tongue and a flat tongue. These are two completely different hat styles or hat styles.

Whether the visor is bent or not has changed the shape of the hat.  The curved tongue and the flat tongue are not only different in curvature but also different in shape, some are round, and some are square.

Flat tongue baseball cap, also called snapback or fitted cap. A flat tongue, as the name suggests, is a completely tiled shape. This kind of hat is very stylish. Wearing it on the head is like wearing a suit. The hat and clothes bring out the temperament of a person. Usually, this kind of hat is made of medium or medium-thick fabric with a hard lining on the front, and it is not comfortable to wear on the head.

3、Hard top and soft top (no lining)

Some baseball caps or flat tongue caps will fit the lining on the front. Interlining is a kind of composite fabric, such as suits or shirts, which are used in the neckline and cuffs. The most common one used in hats is the front lining. Different fabrics are matched with different soft and hard interlinings. Hard-lined hats, also known as hard tops by netizens. The hard-top baseball cap is suitable for teenagers, fashionable, able and stylish.

The front piece of the dad hat is not lined (unlined) or suspended lining. Netizens also named it soft top. This hat is a versatile style and is often used with sweatshirts and jeans. If you are in middle age, this one fits well.

4、Trucker hat

It is a version of a baseball cap, most of which are hard-lined. The last four pieces must be hard nets. Most of them have an adjustable buckle, such as a plastic buckle, metal buckle, and one cap that fits all sizes. In summer, it is more comfortable and breathable.

How to choose a baseball cap?

Fits your head shape perfectly: The hat is the right size, looks pleasing to the eye, and doesn't wear a baseball cap as a building helmet;

Pick the right color and style: The colors should not be too jumpy and the materials should not be obtrusive;

Understand the spirit and focus on craftsmanship: A least know what the logo on the hat means, and avoid wearing fakes with inferior "Balencaga" and "Superme" printed on the market.


The size is divided into two categories: adults and children. The inner diameter of the adult size is between 56cm and 58cm, and the inner diameter of the children's size is between 42-54. There will be an error of plus or minus 0.5 in the size of the hat. The head and tail of the hat can basically be adjusted.

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