How To Clean And Store Your Straw Hat-The Ultimate Guide

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Summer has passed, for those who love straw hats, such as panama hat, fedora hat and floppy hat, it is hard to clean and store them without ruin them. But do not worry, in this article, I will show you some practical method to clean and store straw hats.


How To Clean And Store Your Straw Hat


1. Precautions

Before clean them, you should know that natural straw hats are prone to deformation when exposed to water, so they are usually not washable.


Therefore, for the cleaning of straw hats, generally use a hat brush to gently brush off the surface dust and internal dandruff.


If there are obvious stains, wipe it with a wet wipe, and then dry it in the shade in a ventilated place.


Natural straw hats are easily deformed by squeezing. Therefore, for the storage of straw hats, the shape of the hat must be determined and the storage environment must be dry.


2. Preparation tools

Cleaning agent, toothbrush, horse hair brush, wet wipes, cap holder, sponge strip, cap box


3. How to clean straw hat


  • Dust adhesion

If there is dust adhesion on the straw hat, you can use a professional hat brush to gently brush it along the fiber texture.


  • Stain attachment

As the straw hat is not washable, you should use a clean damp towel to gently wipe the surface until the stain is removed.


If the stain penetrates into the fiber structure, use a brush dipped in a small amount of clean water to gently wipe the stained area, and quickly absorb the moisture with a dry towel.


After cleaning, place a suitable hat support in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


Note: This stain is not a large area that cannot be removed (such as paint, coffee, oily water-based pen prints, etc.).


  • Inside cleaning

Due to the hot summer weather, the human body sweats more, so the sweat bands that touch the hair and skin are usually stained with some obvious dirt.


At this time, this part can be cleaned separately. The inner circle part of the hat is the sweat band of the hat.


01. Spray an appropriate amount of detergent on the sweat belt of the straw hat

02. Use a soft brush to scrub thoroughly

03. Wipe sweat bands with wet wipes after washing


Put the straw hat in the sun and let it dry naturally.




4. How to store straw hat

Usually, there are 3 ways to store straw hats.


  • Using a coat rack or hat rack is a good way to temporarily store it.

However, hats cannot be stored in this way for a long time.


If the hat is hung on the coat rack or hat rack for a long time, the hat will be caused by gravity. Because of the deformation.


  • Use a special hat box (highly recommended)

If you store the hat for a long time, the best way is to put the hat in the hat box. It can not only keep the hat dry and prevent the hat from being affected by excessive moisture, but also It can protect it from the squeezing of other stored items.


Of course, after putting it in the hat box, we still have to look at the hat at regular intervals and feel the humidity of the hat.


If the hand feels wet, please put the hat in a dry place. Let it dry naturally, and store the hat in another dry place.


Use a round box to store the hat, which can prevent squeezing and deformation. You may wish to keep the cake box, it is a very useful free hat storage box.


Before storing, you can blow the plastic bag or balloon to an appropriate size, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and put it in the hat, which has the effect of setting the shape.


Then use the cake box lid as the bottom, the box body as the top, and install the hat.




  • Use shelf to store.

If you have enough hats, you can make a special shelf for hats.


This can not only display the hats, but also facilitate your own selection, but the disadvantage is that the hats will be exposed to air and dust.


It is easy to shorten the life span of the hat. If you choose this method, first make sure that the shelf where the hat is placed is deep enough not to squeeze the hat against the wall, and the front part of the hat will be hung on the edge to keep the shape of the edge of the hat.


Secondly, you need to pay attention to the moisture-proof of the room, The straw hat is woven from grass and has almost no immunity to water in the air. If the humidity in the air is too high, it will easily deform the hat.


How To Clean And Store Your Straw Hat


  • 5 steps to store hats:

01. Choose a hat holder suitable for the hat shape and a suitable size hat box

02. Put desiccant in the hat box

03. Place the straw hat with the largest brim on the bottom of the hat box

04. Superimpose the second hat after placing the sponge ring

05. If there are multiple hats, use this method to stack them one by one


  • Some tips:

1. When buying a hat, you can ask the merchant whether there is a cap pad that comes with the packaging and shipping of the hat. The setting effect is better than that of a blown plastic bag.


2. If there is not enough space in the home, it is impossible to store large cake boxes.


You can fold the hat and place it lightly in the drawer or the top layer of the suitcase.


Or use a sponge strip about 62cm long and 0.5cm thick to form a circle in the shape of a hat, and stitch the sponge strip with a needle and thread to shape it.


In this way, several hats can be stacked and stored at intervals.


3. Floppy straw hats are afraid of dampness.

The work that must be done when storing in seasons is to remove dirt and control humidity.


You can wipe the dust with a clean dry cloth first. After removing the dust, put newspaper in the floppy hat and put it in the box, which can prevent deformation and mildew, and also has dust-proof effect.



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